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Satisfied Dental Patients in Pleasant Hill, MO

Testimonials provided by our loyal and satisfied clients some of whom have often said they learn more in 1 visit than the years they have been going to another dentist.

After Moving here about a year and a half ago we were looking for a dentist and a friend mentioned Dr.Mark. He had big shoes to fill and he did a great job of doing that. He told me everything he was going to do. There was no pain. I had some cosmetic work done and I can't stop smiling because he did such a great job.

May God Bless you.
The Kelch's
Pleasant Hill, MO
I have been going to Pleasant Hill Dental Care for approximately three years now. Dr. Quattrocchi is the first dentist that has been able to satisfy my entire family because of his friendly staff, patience, and his disposition. Unfortunately I personally have had a list of things that needed to be corrected with my teeth. Each summer I visit the office frequently. This summer I was able to check off of my list a very important procedure. I had to have a bridge made for my front tooth. Dr. ... Read more
I have always been afraid of dental procedures. The shots especially frightened me. I have been known to simply walk out of a dental office rather than have a shot. Even though I dislike dental procedures, I understand their importance to my health.

A few years ago I searched for a new dentist. I saw an ad in the phone for Pleasant Hill Dental Care. It said "We cater to cowards". That certainly described me when it came to the dentist! I made an appointment and explained that I had chosen this ... Read more
I have recently moved to the Pleasant Hill area and was lucky enough to find the best dentist. Dr. Quattrocchi and his wonderful staff made me feel like I had known them for years. I had a root canal procedure and it didn't even hurt. They are now my permanent dental needs people!

Pleasant Hill, MO
July 19, 2014
My dental device has made a remarkable difference in my life. I suffered from severe headaches and tooth damage due to clinching and grinding my teeth. I, actually, was not aware I had this problem until my teeth began showing severe signs of wear and stress fractures. The staff at Pleasant Hill Dental recommended this device to be worn at night and explained its purpose. I was interested, but, not totally convinced I needed it. Stubbornly, I thought this little device was too cost prohibitive ... Read more
I've always been a firm believer that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. After spending several hours in the company of Dr. Mark Quattrocchi recently, I realized that my mouth ... and my body and mind were put at ease in his office. I had extremely bad experiences when I was a child as I painfully endured non-anesthetic drilling and filling. After several decades of searching for the "right" dentist, my friend, Mike, assured me that his dentist was the one I was looking for. I am so ... Read more
Having TMJ is not without pain. Headaches, earaches and jaw pain were an almost daily part of life. Using the rubber dental guards like football players use, was not much help. I finally decided to purchase an, NTI appliance. I have been using the for 6 months now and no longer have issues associated with TMJ.

I was fortunate that my insurance covered a portion of the cost. Knowing what I know now though, even if I had to pay the entire amount it would be well worth the money spent. Life is just so much better now.

--E. Hall
I am the ultimate coward when it comes to going to the dentist. I have been for many years due to my past experiences since childhood. When my family of 6 decided to move to Pleasant Hill in 2006, it was time for me to visit the dentist. Dr. Q's motto of “We cater to cowards” definitely caught my attention since that was absolutely who I was. My family and I have been patients ever since. Dr. Q's mannerism and patience with his patients far exceeds any experiences I have had. My four children enjoy coming to the dentist; really they do! Read more
“I‘ve got a new Dentist! Hip Hip Hooray! They were awesome. I have a dead tooth that I never got capped and the temp filling fell out. I went out to a dentist in Grand view, waited 40 minutes just to get a $8000 quote for what they felt I needed. They refused to put a permanent filling in it and charged $98 for the temp. They said my bottom back tooth needed a root canal as well and refused to even consider a filling. Concerned about my bottom tooth experiencing very slight, slight pain, I ... Read more
“Pleasant Hill is a small town and much like the town things are simple and personal, just like it was years ago when you could count on the local doctor to be there for you and listen to problems beyond health. I walked in about 8 months ago with an abscess tooth I was carrying for about 2 years, and I cannot remember when the last time I saw a dentist, but being married since 1986, my wife said never while we were married. My direction upon the first appointment was to yank them all and plate ... Read more
“My family started going to Pleasant Hill Dental Clinic about 2 years ago. My first visit I had a root canal. I can honestly say I never had any discomfort during the procedure or after.

Dr. Quattrocchi and his staff are great! Try Pleasant Hill Dental Clinic for a very pleasant dental experience.”

-- By R.S.
“I highly recommend Pleasant Hill Dental Care. Dr. Quattrocchi is a very professional and highly skilled dentist who takes the time to explain procedures to his patients. Absolutely the most painless procedures I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

The staff at Pleasant Hill Dental Care are skilled professionals as well. Very friendly, competent and accommodating.

Again, I highly recommend Pleasant Hill Dental Care for everyone.”

-- By Bill S.
“Being a new patient to Dr. Q., I was so impressed with the professional courtesy and friendliness of the entire staff.

I loved the old building and the stories of its history.

I knew I was in good hands when I saw the quality of the newest dental technology being used to provide quality care.

My experience was making a trip to the dentist a very pleasant one. Thank you!”

-- By R.W.
“Here are a few comments I have for the Pleasant Hill Dental Care office:

Dr Q has done an extensive amount of work on my mouth, so that makes me an expert on him and his office. Here's a review of what I think of Dr Q and his staff. His office is an historic old building, but don't be fooled...they use very good equipment (I think the conservative, low overhead, look of the office was what drew me into the Pleasant Hill Dental Care office). As for skill level, Dr Q is an extremely ... Read more
"As a reference and testimonial as to Dr. Q. and his office ... at age 62 yrs., ... the best I have ever been to!

I had been going to a Dermatologist in Lee's Summit, MO, for what started out to be eczema and led to impetigo. Hence, I had sores on my face that would not heal with any kind of medicine. So I decided I would focus on my teeth & mouth.

Dr. Q. & staff, were very, very "home-town" behaved. Polite, personally professional and I felt safe. After a complete exam, Dr. Q. informed me I had ... Read more
I was in my 30's and 40's when I began losing teeth, mostly molars. When it became time to pull a loose front tooth, it was also time to get an upper partial plate. The partial replaced long-gone molars and my front tooth. Long after receiving my partial, I began to realize that I could eat anything and everything I wanted with no discomfort. Nuts, berries with seeds and crunchy veggies galore! Oh, what a joy!

I had never realized how much I missed these foods until I got my partial plate. I love my partial plate and all the new foods I can eat!

-- Many "thanks" to Dr. Q and his staff. A.M.G